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Good - March 29 2007 Setlist

The setlist for the March 29th 2007 show at The Horseshoe Tavern was:

Aliens (1988) w/ Ardening quotes
Intro Happiness
King of the Past
In This Town
Loving Arms
Wendel Clark*
Song of Flight
Song of the Garden
Radio In Motion -->
Blinded WIth Science
Big Leagues (Tom Cochrane) -->
Queer -->
Saskatchewan (almost 1/2 speed) -->
Chad Krueger AD? (new Dave song about Nickelback and Stephen Harper)
My First Rock Show
The Enemy (DOA)

Encore 1
We Went West
Joey 2
Self Serve Gas Station

Encore 2
Michael Jackson
Green Sprouts Theme

Encore 3
Legal Age Life w/ Peter Elkas, Ben Gunning and no Martin who was having a beer and a chat at the back of the bar for this encore4
Stolen Car
Northern Wish acoustic

# Tim "calling out the chords"
* w Vancouver Town full verse

From Sean Taylor via Mike Whaley's Sweet Static Blog