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Massey Hall Videos page 2

I managed to take a bunch of video using my Olympus FE-220 Camera. The sound on the video was horrible so I have synched it with the Audio provided by Tyson Haverkort and enhanced by me. It now sounds good. My apologies for my ability to take good video while trying to watch the show as well. Clearly the video lost. But at least it is something, even if parts of it are like being on a boat, are looking at the ceiling or staring at the heads of the people in front of me. Don't complain about it, more video is on the way...

Click to play in a new window (possibly) or right click to dowload files.

King Of The Past 6:18

Northern Wish 6:51

Aliens (1988) 4:52

When Winter Comes (Clip) 0:58

Record Body Count 2:44
Awesome quaility right beside the band. Ends before the word "died" which is too bad and kind of nice all the same.
Provided by Scott Beaty