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Massey Hall The Final Show Version 1.0

Ok, so I figured this out as I went along, like many things with video and audio. I have taken the audio from Tyson Haverkort and "treated" it to try to help fill out the sound. I'm sure one could debate whether I did a good job or not. I did it anyway. I then transferred the video that I took with my s*&#y camera (which I have since returned) and the video provided by Rick at Velvet Bagel and also the awesome footage from Scott Beaty of Record Body Count into IMovie. I tacked on some audio from Desmond Howl at the beginning of Saskatchewan and at the end of Record Body Count. I think you can hear him singing at the end. I added some photos which I took, as well as some from Graham Kennedy and Jonathan Freeman for the fade out at the end. The tracks were stuck together and then faded in and out and Voila.... a 1 hour and 16 minute and 47 second "Movie" of the final show. It may suck in parts but for the time being it is the best I can do. And it don't cost you nuttin, so don't complain. I hope it brings back fond memories for thos who were there and offers a glimpse for those who were unable to attend.

It includes clips of Saskatchewan, Me & Stupid, Bad Time To Be Poor, P.I.N. It, Christopher, King Of The Past, Northern Wish, We Went West, Aliens, Feed Yourself, Making Progress, Shaved Head, When Winter Comes, Self Serve Gas Station, Claire, Horses, Dope Fiends and Boozehounds, Alomar and Record Body Count. Thanks for everyone's contributions so far.
Oh, yeah...it is a big file...579.5MB so it may take a while for some to download. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Click to play in a new window (possibly) or right click to dowload it.

The Final Show Version 1.0 1:16:47